Wrist (Carpal) Wrap

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Our Carpal (Wrist) Wrap with Neodymium Magnetic Pad is recommended for discomfort of the wrist area. The magnetic carpal wrap may be worn during repetitive motion tasks or as needed for comfort later. Magnetic pad contains 4 powerful neodymium magnets (manufacturers gauss rating of 12,000-12,300/surface output 1,500-2,000 each) and attaches to the wrap with velcro and can be positioned where needed.  The soft, breathable MicroMesh wrap secures around the wrist with velcro.  The magnets are all oriented with the North (negative) pole facing the body.


Body Part
Hand and Wrist
Magnetic Material
1/2" neodymiums
Magnetic strength
up to 12,300 gauss each
Number of magnets
Magnet orientation
North (negative) facing the body
Size of pad
2" x 2"
Size of wrap
2" x 10"

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