Torso Shield

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Our Magnetic Torso Shield is easily suspended over the chest or lungs and the solar plexus (chakra points). Over the lower abdomen, women report its "soft design" and magnetic influence to be particularly desirable for relief of menstrual cramps.  Suspend as a pendant or hold in place with snug undergarment.

The Torso Shield contains 8 powerful ceramic magnets (manufacturers gauss rating of 3,950 gauss/surface output 800-1,100 each). The magnets are oriented so that the North pole (negative) side of the magnet is towards the body. Dimensions are 7 1/2" at top and 4 1/4" at bottom.

May be useful for asthma or other conditions affecting the lungs.


Body Part
Chest and Abdomen
Magnetic Material
ceramic disk
Magnetic strength
3,950 internal gauss each
Number of magnets
Magnet orientation
North (negative) facing the body
7 1/2" at top and 4 1/4" at bottom

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