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The two part Deluxe High Density Seat Cushion provides extra strength to relax tension and minimize stiffness or discomfort from prolonged sitting in one position, or after over exertion from work or sports. This versatile magnetic seat cushion is perfect for the car, home or office.  Recommended for truckers and other intense users, the High Density Comfort Seat has more magnetic strength than our competitors'.

Our Magnetic Seat Cushions are constructed of durable, attractive, upholstery fabric quilted to structural grade foam, to create exceptional support. The cushion contains 60 1-inch ceramic disk magnets (manufacturers gauss rating of 3,950 gauss/surface output 800-1,100 each). The larger size magnets are ideal for better penetration.  The magnets are oriented so that the North pole (negative) side of the magnet is towards the body. The magnetic seat cushion dimensions are 19" x 40" x 1.75".

Select your choice of charcoal or tan fabric.

Please note: Due to some issues with packages left unattended being stolen we must ship all magnetic seat cushions with signature required. If you do not wish to require signature please leave a note in the shipping comments to that effect but be aware you will be responsible for any loss due to theft.


Body Part
Magnetic material
1" ceramic
Magnetic strength
3,950 internal gauss each
Number of magnets
Magnet orientation
North (negative) facing the body
19" x 40" x 1.75"

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