Powerstride Shoe Insoles

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Norso Powerstride Shoe Inserts are powerful magnetic shoe inserts. They are thinner than our Supreme Insoles (1/10" thick) making them perfect for ladies or men's dress shoes.

  • Size Small fits men's shoe size 9 and under; women's shoe size 9 and under).
  • Large size fits shoe size mens 9-10 1/2; womens 9-13.
  • Extra Large size fits mens shoe size 11-13; womens 13 and over.
  • Extra Extra Large size fits shoe size mens 13-15

    They are also available with all unipole (North facing the body) magnetics.


Body Part
Foot and Ankle
Magnetic Material
Magnetic strength
2,550 gauss
Small men's
fits shoe size 9 and under
Small women's
fits shoe size 9 and under
Large men's
fits shoe size 9-10 1/2
Large women's
fits shoe size 9-13
Extra large men's
fits shoe size 11-13
Extra large women's
fits shoe size 13 and over
Extra extra large
fits 13-15

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