Neodymium Disk (Spot) Magnets

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Our Neodymium High Output Magnetic Disks are used for deep penetration over hips, upper back, neck, etc.

The disks may be secured with surgical tape or used in pairs (one against the skin, a second "sandwiched" outside garment) for easy application. The 1 inch magnetic disks are a powerful 13,500 gauss (manufacturers rating surface output 1500-2000 gauss) and are 7 times stronger than the 1/2 inch disks due to their penetration.

The 1-inch Neodymium High Output Magnetic Disks are recommended for use on trigger points such as in the shoulder area. Place the magnet disk directly over the trigger point and tape into place.

These High Output Magnetic Disks are 13,500 gauss for highest power and penetration. The North pole side is identified so you will know which side to place towards the body. The magnetic disks are coated with a durable thin nylon coating to protect the magnet from corrosion and breakage.

The 1/2 inch Neodymium High Output Magnetic Disks are excellent for pain in the joints of fingers or trigger finger. Tape one magnet disk to each side of the finger for maximum penetration.

The 1-inch disks penetrate 6 inches. The 1/2-inch disks penetrate 3 inches.

1-inch disks are available in a single package or a 2-pack. The 1/2-inch disks are packaged two to a package.


Body Part
Hand and Wrist
Chest and Abdomen
Foot and Ankle
Magnetic Material
Magnetic Strength
13,500 gauss
1/2" or 1" diameter
1/2" = 3 inches 1" = 6 inches

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