Magnetic Thoracic Neck Wrap

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Our Magnetic Thoracic Neck Wrap is constructed of a flexible micro-mesh fabric that is washable (after removing the magnetic pads).  This wrap is not intended to be used as a brace. This neck wrap is for someone suffering lower cervical and upper back discomfort. The wrap extends over 7" down the spine. The Thoracic Neck Wrap contains Velcro removable pads with powerful neodymium magnets in each pad. The removable pads can be used anywhere on the body. The size is 23" x 7" and contains 20 neodymium magnets (manufacturers gauss rating of 12,000-12,300/surface output 1,500-2,000 each).


Body Part
Magnetic Material
1/2" neodymiums
Magnetic strength
up to 12,300 gauss each
Number of magnets
Wrap Size
7" x 23"
Orientation of magnets
North (negative) facing the body

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