Magnetic Finger and Toe Ring (Pair)

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Our rings contain two high powered neodymiums (manufacturers gauss rating of 12,000-12,300/surface output 1,500-2,000 each) which are attached to an expandable serpentine wire made of silver plated copper. This is much more durable than plastic and can be sized to expand or compress by three ring sizes. If you have fingers with arthritis you will see great results if you wear the rings on that finger.  Otherwise you can wear them on your pinkie fingers and pinkie toes as suggested in the Kevin Trudeau book. These magnets are very powerful and will connect to metal items if worn during the day. Most customers wear the rings to bed at night while sleeping. The magnets are North pole facing towards the body.

Small (3-8) or Large (6-11). You will be able to squeeze the ring and adjust it to fit your finger. Price is for TWO RINGS.



Body Part
Hand and Wrist
Foot and Ankle
Magnetic material
Magnetic Strength
up to 12,300 each
Number of magnets
Small Size
3" to 8"
Large Size
6" to 11"

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