Magnetic Cuff Bracelet - Sailor Brushed (598M)

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Handcrafted from solid metals (no plating or casting) these beautiful bracelets contain only the highest quality metals. Our red metal is 99.99% pure copper, lead free and is the purest available. To find copper this pure in nature is more difficult than finding pure gold.  Our yellow metal is Jeweler’s Brass, an alloy of 85% pure copper and 15% pure zinc. Both of these essential minerals have been worn since prehistoric times by many non-related cultures around the world. Science has already proven that metals such as copper are absorbed through the skin so our bracelets can also be considered as a time-release source of essential minerals.

Each magnetic bracelet contains two powerful rare earth magnets (neodymiums) encapsulated in stainless steel for maximum rust free conductivity. Neodymium magnets hold their magnetic properties for a lifetime. Each bracelet is handcrafted for adjustability.


1/4” wide

Fits 6”-7”

Silver & Brass

Two 2,000-2,800 gauss neodymium magnets one at each end positioned over the acupressure points on the wrist.

North (negative) magnets facing the body

A 2001 study of 64 people with rheumatoid arthritis of the knee showed improvement in 64% of those who used magnetic therapy. In a 2004 study of 194 adults with osteoarthritis of the hip or knee, researchers found those who wore magnetic bracelets for 12 weeks experienced a decrease in pain.


fits 6" to 7" wrist
Silver and Brass
Magnetic Material
Magnetic Strength
2,000-2,800 gauss each
Number of magnets
one on each end (2)
Magnet orientation
North (negative) facing the body

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