Magnesole Supreme Shoe Inserts

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If you have poor circulation, diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, plantar fasciitis or simply tired aching feet, the Magnesole Supreme Shoe Inserts may be for you.  We offer them in two styles....our patented alternating magnetic poles of North and South or our all North pole insole.

These magnetic inserts are thicker and therefore offer more power and penetration. Our magnetic shoe insoles are constructed of high quality magnetic material nd are smooth with no uncomfortable lumps or bumps. Covered with a rugged non-slip Cordura nylon covering they resist cracking and deterioration.

Simply cut the insoles to fit your shoes or slide them into socks and wear around the house or while you are sleeping!

These magnetic insoles are 1/8" thick and may be used in sneakers or any shoe that will accommodate a little extra material inside.

  • Size Small fits men's shoe size 9 and under; women's shoe size 9 and under.
  • Large size fits shoe size men's 9- 10 1/2; women's 9-13.
  • Extra Large size fits men's shoe size 11-13; women's 13 and over.
  • Extra Extra Large size fits men's shoe size 13-15.



Body Part
Foot and Ankle
Magnetic Material
Magnetic strength
2550 gauss (patented pattern)
From heel to toe
Resists cracking and deterioration
Two-sided use
Turn over to use other side

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