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Our high quality magnetic mattress pads offer the highest concentration of magnets than any pad on the market for the money. There are many low quality imports on the market today. Our pads are manufactured in the U.S. according to our specifications and standards. The unipole Bio-North ceramic disk magnets in our pads are all oriented so that the North pole (negative) side is always facing the body.

Our magnetic pads contain round disc ferrite ceramic magnets which have a manufacturer’s gauss rating of 3650-3950 per magnet. Magnetic discs create a pure effective magnetic field with magnetic lines of flux radiating in a curved shape. Rectangular or square magnets result in a flux that may disrupt curved flux lines and therefore reduce the magnetic force and penetration. We are able to construct a lighter, stronger magnetic pad with the use of round disc magnets.

The Convoluted Foam Magnetic pads have high quality Damask fabric and polyester fiber padding (.50 ounces per square foot) and convoluted finger foam (egg crate) above and below the magnets. The 3,950 gauss rated magnets are attached using the special non-toxic hot melt process and placed in a very dense configuration. The magnetic pad is 2 inches thick and comfortable. This pad is perfect for those who like the way their present mattress feels but want the health benefits of magnets. This pad provides a sleeping surface that relieves pressure points and minimizes feeling the form of the magnets.











30 x 72.5

36 x 72.5

51 x 72.5

58 x 77.5

74 x 77.5

70 x 81.5

Magnet Qty:











The construction is as follows:


Top Fabric/Fiber/Magnets/Convoluted Foam/Fiber/Bottom Fabric


2 inch total pad thickness.


The table and picture above show standard sizes, magnet quantity and cut-away construction example.

Note the BASE price below is for the split queen size. Selecting your size with the drop down box will add the appropriate charge for each size mattress.

Please note: Due to some issues with packages left unattended being stolen we must ship all mattress pads with signature required. If you do not wish to require signature please leave a note in the shipping comments to that effect but please be aware you will be responsible for any loss due to theft. 


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