All Natural Cotton Magnetic Mattress Pad

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Our Natural Magnetic Mattress Pads are constructed with 100% organic cotton. They are ideal for those customers who are allergic to foam.

Our Cotton Magnetic Mattress pads measure 1 1/4" thick and are constructed such that the magnets will be as close to the body as possible for maximum penetration. They contain round disc ferrite ceramic magnets which have a manufacturer’s gauss rating of 3650-3950 per magnet. Magnetic discs create a pure effective magnetic field with magnetic lines of flux radiating in a curved shape. Rectangular or square magnets result in a flux that may disrupt curved flux lines and therefore reduce the magnetic force and penetration. We are able to construct a lighter, stronger magnetic pad with the use of round disc magnets.

Our Cotton Magnetic Mattress pads may help to improve circulation, soothe aches or discomfort and to reduce inflammation. These quilted pads should be placed on top of your mattress underneath the fitted sheet.

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