What are folks saying about magnetic therapy?

My husband and I have been sleeping on one of your magnetic mattress pads for twenty years. We feel it has kept us free from aches and pains and has kept us feeling well. We love it.   - Audrey J., Florida  December 2018

"I am in my early 60's and all the years of working has taken a serious toll on my health. I find that I am usually full of pain. I heard about Synergy For Life and remembered I learned about magnetic mattress pads are a great way to subdue the pain in my lower back and legs. Well I can't tell you enough about these wonderful magnetic mattress pads Synergy For Life has to offer at a minimal rate. They even have free shipping! I notice I have a little pain but nothing like I was experiencing before receiving my magnetic mattress pad. Might I add the pad worked as soon as I laid on it. I get a better night's sleep too. Thank you, Synergy For Life, for the great products you have to offer." - Julie D. July 2016

"I could not believe how well I slept the very first night on my magnetic mattress pad! I have suffered insomnia for many years but now I am sleeping like a baby. I wake up refreshed and without all the stiffness and aching I normally experienced in the morning." - J. Robinson, Jacksonville, FL, Sept 2015

"I wanted to tell you what a nice help that magnetic massager has been and continues to be! And, I looooove the mattress pad!!! I am definitely sleeping better, deeper and waking up with less pain and general discomfort." - D. Levin, Newport Beach, CA, March, 2011

"The application of magnets has given proven pain relief in 7 out of 10 users...and has no dangerous side effects often seen with prescription drugs." - Health Naturally April/May, 1995

"I ordered these magnets on Thurs June 14 and received them June 16, what great customer service! I have been using theraputic magnets for almost 15yrs. I am a marathon runner and long distance cyclist and have found magnets to of great value for treating my various overuse injuries. I have been using your magnets and have found them to work great! Small but very powerful! So thank you for your great product and customer service" A. Ciuffo, Denver, CO, June, 2007

"I have been using your products and they have been helping me. I have been dealing with joint pain that got worse by the end of the day. The pain was especially in my knees. When I had your magnets around my knees the end of the day saw me walking up the subway stairs without any pain. I consider this a miracle. I have also been using your magnet pillow cover and have been sleeping much better. I also have been using your block magnet which has helped relieve the intestinal distress I have been going through. I have been using two of your 1 inch magnets on my left hand. One on the top right behind the wrist and the other on the bottom. I have osteomylitis on that hand. My homeopath is using remedies that are decreasing the size of the osteomylitis. Using your magnets has improved the circulation to the hand. I have told my homeopath about your products and how pleased I am with them." - E. Moran, New York, NY

"We are having great success with your product, as evidenced by the fact that these are the 3rd and 4th magnets ordered for the family! My son uses his to help ease/eliminate the leg muscle pain from his cross country/track and field training. My wife and I use one for head aches (placed at the headboard of our bed and to magnetize our drinking water and/or juice. Today, I let one of my co-workers use one to help ease the pain she is experiencing in her left side. Within the first hour she commented that she felt better than when taking the prescription pain relievers. These ceramic block magnets are like reaching for a bottle of aspirin! I also appreciate the expeditious processing of the orders." - Victor R, San Antonio, TX

"Dear Synergy For Life, Thanks for the High Output Mini Lumbar pad. From the first night I have been getting a lot of sleep again with a comfortable back instead of restless tossing and turning. It's a great investment" - L. Perkins

"I ordered your Supreme High Density Mattress pad and cannot tell you how wonderful it has made me feel. It has literally changed my life! I no longer have all the aches and pains and can MOVE again." - S. Davis

"The magnetic mattress pad helped me immediately. I suffer from fibromyalgia and now sleep better and have less pain than I have had in years!" - J. Reinhardt, March, 2007

"I don't get paid to endorse these products, so I can tell you honestly that I have 80 percent less pain when I'm wearing the magnets." - Bob Murphy, Professional Golfer USA Today

"Ten days of using magnets did what three years of muscle relaxants and pain killers were unable to do, or undo." - Today's Health and Healing

"His emergence from a middle-of-pack PGA career to star status as a senior resulted from two factors: magnets and equipment....plagued by painful disc degeneration in his lower back....a fellow golfer told him about a doctor who was getting amazing results with back problems by using magnets." - The Financial Post, June 12, 1996 Article on Senior Pro Golfer Jim Colbert

"NASA now acknowledges....the trillion or so cells that comprise our bodies, need and are affected by the earth's magnetic field. NASA discovered that by supplementing the magnetic field that emanates from the earth in space shuttles that astronauts no longer suffered from the severe calcium loss they refer to as "space osteoporosis." - Bay Area Golfing

"I am a diabetic who had a burning, tingling pain in my feet, especially at night. After using your magnetic shoe inserts, I am now pain free!" - Ima Murphy Tampa, FL

"My arthritis in my hands was so painful I couldn't grip. After using magnetic therapy I now grip without pain." - Bobby Dickerson Roxboro, NC

"As you know, based on my own success, I've recommended the magnets to friends and co-workers. I've found that whenever I feel a twinge of a headache coming on, if I immediately tape the neodymium disk to the sore, tense spot on my neck, the pain is usually alleviated within 15 minutes. I am also enjoying a more restful sleep as a result of the magnet mattress pad. When I lie down, I can feel a soothing heaviness as my limbs sink down into the mattress. I am a ballroom/Latin/swing danceaholic, so this feeling of deep relaxation is a pleasure after hours of non-stop dancing." - Amy Beck-Casey, Novato, CA

"I used the neodymium magnet to heal a tooth that was severely injured when I fell rollerblading. It was my right front tooth. When the accident happened, the tooth did not fall out, but the gum above it was numb for several days. Two weeks later, the nerve died. At the same time, the tooth dropped slightly ouf of the socket so that it touched my bottom teeth when I closed my mouth. I started using the magnet during the day by putting it against the gum above the tooth and under the lip. During the next two weeks the tooth would alternately drop slightly out of the socket and pull back up. I did not wear the magnet at night for fear of swallowing it. After 2 weeks, I stopped using it for about 3 days. On the 3rd day, the tooth had dropped so much that I could not bite down. I put the magnet back in, and within 2 hours, the tooth had pulled back up into the gum. It is a very slow healing process, but I know that without the magnet, I would have lost my tooth." - Sheila Konecke, Virginia



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