Magnetic Therapy

Therapeutic magnets deliver results – quickly, quietly, and inexpensively. Our products may be used over and over again by every member of your family.

Our broad line of basic biomagnetic devices provide both the professional practitioner and novice with easily applied alternatives for a diverse range of concerns. We have magnetic applications for every joint and muscle, as well as magnetic sleep and seating systems.

As we enter a new era in self-managed health care, "soft" medical alternatives are preferred over drugs and surgery. Biomagnetic and electro-medical therapies are among the fastest growing "soft" modalities.

As you do your research be sure to always ask the following questions: what is the type of magnetic material, what is the gauss rating and what grade is the magnet. We offer three types of magnetic material: Neodymium (highest grade N48 with gauss rating up to 13,500), ceramic grade 8 (3,950 gauss) and flexible (2,550 gauss). These are our gauss levels. Not all companies have the same power and penetration. For example, some companies have grade 5 ceramic and the gauss level might be 300. Penetration of magnets is dependent upon the gauss (strength) of the magnet combined with the size or thickness of the magnet. For example, two magnets with a gauss rating of 13,500 may have different penetration if one of the magnets is larger or thicker.

Our therapeutic magnets may be helpful for:

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