Guide to Selecting Magnetic Mattress Pads

What Is a Magnetic Mattress Pad?

Magnetic mattress pads are luxuriously comfortable pads that use the power of magnetic therapy to improve circulation and relieve pain and discomfort as you sleep. These pads are placed directly on top of your mattress and under sheeting and can be removed and used on other beds if required. Many people even take them with them when traveling!

A Bit of History

For thousands of years, people have believed in the power of magnetism to affect the human body. In early China, magnetic stones were used in a similar way as the needles in acupuncture, to relieve pain and to restore the body's balance. Greeks, Egyptians, and Europeans all used magnets in their medical treatments. Throughout history, the idea that magnets have the power to heal has persisted.

What Are the Benefits?

Magnetic therapy mattress pads are incredibly soft and luxurious. People who use them report that they experience better circulation, deeper sleep, faster healing, and relief from pain. Magnetic pads are particularly recommended for people with:

o Joint pain

o Arthritis pain

o Aching backs or necks

o Difficulty sleeping

o Chronic headaches

Are They Safe?

Absolutely. Even the World Health Organization has certified that there are no side effects whatsoever with magnetic therapy mattress pads.  Even if you are not sure if magnets will have any effect on your health, you will surely enjoy the luxurious comfort of these bed toppers.

Please note that it is recommended that people with pace makers and those that are pregnant should avoid using magnetic mattress pads.

Can a magnetic mattress pad provide pain relief?

Many people with severe pain have found relief with magnetic therapy. Recent innovations in magnet thickness and flexibility have enabled them to be comfortably inserted into mattress toppers without disturbing the sleeper, allowing the magnets the time they need to improve circulation and ease pain.

Scientific studies, such as one conducted on post-polio patients by Dr. Carlos Vallbona at Baylor's Institute for Rehabilitation Research in Houston, have shown a significant decrease in pain experienced by patients who used magnetic therapy in a double-blind experiment.

Another study conducted on female patients with fibromyalgia - a debilitating disease causing extreme muscle pain and fatigue - concluded that those sleeping on a magnetic mattress pad experienced a significant decrease in pain and fatigue and significant improvement in sleep and physical functioning. Those using a 'dummy' mattress pad achieved no such improvements.

Article provided courtesy of Bedding Plus - a resource for comforters, bed comforters and luxury bedding.



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