Magnetic Mattress Pads

History of Magnetic Therapy

Magnets have been used for centuries to help to relieve pain and to restore balance to the body. They were used by the Chinese, Egyptians, Europeans and Greeks throughout history to aid in medical treatments. They have been used for years in the equestrian industry and especially used to treat race horse injuries.

Benefits of Magnetic Therapy

Magnets have been used to treat various issues, including:

How Do Magnetic Mattress Pads Help?

Magnetic mattress pads are designed with specific configuration of magnets to provide a safe and effective magnetic field for the body. Exposing our bodies to this healing magnetic field can have overall health benefits by improving the circulation in the body, relaxing the muscles and helping the body to produce melatonin which can help with improved sleep and rest. Users report waking up feeling less stiff and achy and more rested. Chronic pain patients suffering from conditions such as fibromyalgia or arthritis may obtain benefits from sleeping on a magnetic mattress pad.

Medical Studies

One well-known scientific study was performed at Baylor Institute in Houston, Texas by Dr. Carlos Yallbona on post-polio patients. This double-blind study demonstrated a significant reduction in pain by patients who used magnetic therapy. There was also another study performed on patients with fibromyalgia. The results of this placebo controlled study concluded that sleeping on a magnetic mattress pad caused a decrease in pain and fatigue as well as a significant improvement in sleep.

Safety of Magnets

Studies have shown there are no negative side effects to using magnets or sleeping on magnetic mattress pads. It is not recommended for pregnant women to sleep on magnetic mattress pads nor people who have pacemakers or drug delivering stents to use them.

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